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Therapeutic Laser Treatment from the Magnolia Animal Hospital

There have been a lot of advances in the medical field during the past few decades. These advances have led to new diagnostic and treatment options for numerous conditions that may not have previously had any options at all. One of the new developments in the field of pet medicine is something called therapeutic laser treatment. At Magnolia Animal Hospital, we believe that every pet should have access to the latest treatment options in the field. We are here to serve every pet in the Ocala area with high-quality veterinary care.

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How Does Therapeutic Laser Treatment Work?

Therapeutic laser treatment takes advantage of the energy that is transmitted by a beam of light to foster a healing process in cells and tissues. Many people are familiar with lasers that are used to cut through surfaces in engineering applications and surgical procedures. This is similar; however, this is a laser that has been powered down to avoid causing any lacerations or discomfort. This laser beam can be focused on certain areas of the body to foster the necessary healing processes to help pets recover. At the Magnolia Animal Hospital, we have invested in this therapy for the benefit of our patients and their family members.

What are the Conditions That Can Be Treated?

There are a number of conditions that can be treated in pets using this therapeutic laser treatment option. For example, many pets who have chronic pain due to arthritis can find substantial relief using this treatment method. Some pets might even have injuries underneath that can be treated using this laser therapy. When the beam is focused on the tissue underneath, it transmits a signal throughout the animal's body that more attention is needed in this location. This encourages the body to start the healing process and expedite the recovery process. It will be exciting to watch this treatment method continue to evolve and progress in the next few years.

Rely on the Team from the Magnolia Animal Hospital

Those who are looking for high-quality vet care should be sure to find an animal hospital that invests in the latest treatment options in the field. At the Magnolia Animal Hospital, that is exactly what we promise. Our veterinarian team is here to serve the pets and families of the Ocala, FL area. We place a tremendous amount of emphasis on the pets that come into our office as well as the owners that care for them. To learn more about how we can help you, please call us today at 352-327-3663 to schedule an appointment.

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