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Veterinary Surgery at Magnolia Animal Hospital

Surgery might understandably sound like an alarming prospect to many pet owners -- but when performed with the proper skill, expertise and consideration for the patient, it can produce stunningly successful, sometimes even life-saving results. Here at Magnolia Animal Hospital, we're as sensitive to your concerns as we are to the specific medical needs of your beloved companion. Your veterinarian in Ocala FL, Dr. Kierstein, Dr. Farrell-Roberts and Dr. Seufert, devotes the same high level of care to every procedure we perform, from routine surgeries to emergency treatment.

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Conditions That May Require Surgery

Surgery may be recommended either as the sole treatment method or as a complement to more conservative treatments. (For example, an aggressive approach to cancer treatment might include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.) Other forms of surgery, such as sterilization, may be purely preventative in nature. Some of the more common surgeries include:

  • Spaying and neutering - Spay surgery (removal of the female sex organs) and neuter surgery (removal of the male sex organs) prevents pregnancy and unwanted litters -- but it also eliminates or greatly reduces the risk of many serious diseases such as cancer.
  • Orthopedic surgery - Joint deterioration or injury may call for reconstructive surgery. We can relieve pain and improve mobility in pets with hip dysplasia, ACL ruptures, kneecap problems, spinal arthritis and other conditions.
  • Dental surgery - Dental surgery may include tooth extractions, oral tumor excision, reconstructive work to repair injuries and more.
  • Tumor removal - We may recommend surgery to remove internal or external tumors. A biopsy can then tell us whether additional treatment is required.
  • Emergency surgery - Emergency surgery includes fracture repair (using metal hardware to fix the bone ends), urinary blockage removal, correction of twisted digestive organs (bloat), foreign object removal, and C-sections for complicated deliveries.

Skilled Surgical Care and Anesthesia From Our Veterinarian in Ocala FL

Count of Magnolia Animal Hospital to keep a sharp eye on every aspect of your pet's surgery. Our attention extends beyond the operation itself to the expert administering of anesthesia. After providing a pre-anesthetic sedative, our veterinarian in Ocala FL inserts an IV line for the precise delivery of medication. An endotracheal tube supports safe respiration throughout the surgical procedure, while at the same time we watch your pet's vital signs closely.

Even after your pet's surgery is complete and the anesthesia has worn off, we continue to help you help your pet enjoy the best possible recuperation. We will advise you on dealing with temporary post-anesthesia issues such as temperature sensitivity and disorientation, while also prescribing anti-inflammatory medication or other pain relievers as needed. We may also prescribe antibiotics to help prevent infection at the incision site. 

Call Our Vet Clinic to Learn More and Schedule Surgery

Surgery for your pet is noting to fear when you have friends at Magnolia Animal Hospital. Call our vet clinic today at 352-327-3663 to ask any questions and schedule your pet's procedure!

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