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Puppies are so cute that it's easy to forget how much of a commitment they require. In truth, your success with your new pup will hinge on remembering it - and budgeting for it. That said, here are some of the milestones that you can expect to mark the life of your new dog and how you'll be involved.

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You and your new puppy will both likely be surprised at how many shots are administered at that first veterinary appointment, but they will provide the pup with a great foundation against disease. Typically, young pups get the "core vaccines," which protect against the contagions that are the most threatening to the average puppy. If the pup will be boarded, shown, or otherwise kept in a social or kennel environment, the vet will recommend extra shots for diseases that spread quickly in such places.

Other Aspects of the Initial Appointment

There is more for your veterinarian in Ocala FL to do on that first appointment than give shots! In canines, parasites like worms can pass from mother to puppy either in the womb or via the milk. Therefore, parasite screening is a routine part of the first appointment.

Later in Puppyhood

Follow-up appointments are frequent during the first few months of a puppy's life. During them, booster shots are given, diet and weight are monitored, and repeat parasite screenings are done. When the vet deems the dog old enough, spaying or neutering will be recommended as well.

The Surprises

Surprises of expensive types are fairly common with dogs thanks to their energetic natures and tendency to get themselves into things they shouldn't. For this reason, it's highly advisable to buy pet insurance. You should also open a savings account to take care of things the insurance doesn't cover.

Some of the hazards that can cause the need for emergency vet care aren't too shocking, though they may be life-threatening. Others are more localized to Florida, such as rattlesnake attacks or getting in the way of ATVs. Either way, when people say that it can get costly to own a dog, these sorts of misadventures are what they're talking about.


Dogs tend to have predictable aging profiles, and this makes it easy for vets to suggest preventive care and testing for geriatric dogs. Screenings for arthritis, diabetes, dental problems, and more will keep these issues from causing too much trouble before they are addressed.

Schedule A Puppy Consultation at Magnolia Animal Hospital

These are the major events you can look forward to as your new puppy goes from being a cute fur ball to a stalwart old dog. By visiting Magnolia Animal Hospital for your puppy’s wellness, you'll ensure that the journey is as enjoyable as possible. Call us today to learn more.

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