Pet Dental Care

Our pets are so much like us in so many ways, right down to the health challenges that we have to watch out for. Dental problems are one notable example, with diseases, damage and injuries waiting to wreak havoc on your best friend's teeth and mouth. Just as you would send your human family members to the dentist for regular checkups, cleanings and the occasional treatment, you need to schedule pet dental care to help your favorite animal enjoy optimal health and comfort. We're happy to provide this service right here at Magnolia Animal Hospital.

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The Many Dangers to Your Pet's Mouth

Pets never seem all that concerned about the state of their teeth, judging from their willingness to carry all kind of objects around in their mouths. But that doesn't mean that animals aren't vulnerable to oral problems. Your pet's mouth can be threatened by such serious issues as:

  • Periodontal disease - This all-too-common problem starts when the tartar that builds up on teeth attracts bacteria. As the bacteria feed on the tartar, they cause an inflammatory reaction that damages the gums, the jawbone, and the ligaments that retain the teeth in the jaw. Unchecked periodontal disease can cause painful gums and tooth loss.
  • Oral cancer - Oral cancer in pets can be difficult to detect without a professional evaluation -- a serious concern, since this fast-moving cancer can cause permanent damage or even death. 
  • Dental infections - If you've ever had an infected tooth, you understand how agonizing this condition can be. To make matters worse, the bacteria in the tooth can migrate to other parts of your pet's body, possibly causing organ problems. Cracked or broken teeth can encourage infections.

Your Veterinarian in Ocala FL Offers Dental Checkups, Cleanings and Treatments

Magnolia Animal Hospital is your one-stop shop for veterinary dental care. Your veterinarian in Ocala FL, Dr. Kierstein, recommends annual dental examinations for most healthy adult pets. We can inspect the oral cavity for the earliest signs of cancer. Inspection of the gums can tell us whether your pet needs help with periodontal disease. Teeth cleaning under anesthesia lets us get rid of accumulated tartar to minimize your pet's future periodontal disease risk.

If your pet does have a dental problem, rest assured that he is in the right hands here at Magnolia Animal Hospital. Your veterinarian in Ocala FL offers such helpful services as:

  • Antibiotic treatment to help clear up infections
  • Tooth extraction for hopelessly damaged or infected teeth
  • Surgery to repair oral injuries or remove cancerous lesions
  • Home care recommendations to help manage periodontal disease between visits

Do the Right Thing for Your Pet's Dental Health

Your pet depends on you to look after every aspect of his well-being, including dental health. Magnolia Animal Hospital can help you succeed at that task with flying colors, so call 352-327-3663 to schedule any necessary examinations, cleanings or other dental care today!

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