Pet Boarding

Spending time away from home can be stressful when you have a pet. Leaving town is only fun when you know your animal friend is in good hands. Therefore, it’s important to find a boarding facility that you know will care for your pet and take full responsibility for his or her well-being while you’re away. At Magnolia Animal Hospital, we offer safe, reliable pet boarding services to pets in our community. Whether you’re going away for one day or for several weeks, we can help.

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Benefits of Boarding with Your Veterinarian in Ocala, FL

There are many reasons to board a pet with your veterinarian in Ocala, FL! Some of the most common reasons that pet owners turn to Magnolia Animal Hospital include:

  • Your pet will receive expert treatment if he or she has a medical emergency.
  • We only feed pets healthy foods.
  • We understand the true value of exercise and ensure that all our pets get exercise while they’re in our care.
  • Pets in a boarding facility are in the company of other pets, so they won’t get lonely.

What to Expect

When you bring your pet to board with Magnolia Animal Hospital, each pet is given his or her own space to sleep and spend time. The size of the space allotted to the pet will be directly related to their size, so your pet will be comfortable in his or her accommodations.

Pets in our facility are exercised regularly and are given healthy meals. For pets with special dietary needs, we administer individual portions of the food provided when the pet is checked in. Pets at Magnolia Animal Hospital get the best quality care from trained professionals who spend time daily giving each pet special attention.

All pets are required to be vaccinated before they arrive at Magnolia Animal Hospital, to prevent animals from spreading germs and illnesses. For pets who display symptoms of illness while boarding at our facility, we can administer quality veterinary care.

How to Pick a Pet Boarding Facility

Picking a pet boarding facility isn’t easy. Knowing what to look for can help you determine which boarding facility will be right for your animal friend. At Magnolia Animal Hospital, we recommend taking a tour of the facility before making your final decision. While you’re there, ask questions about the daily routines of the animals. Pay close attention to the cleanliness of the facility and the way pets are treated. 

Contact Magnolia Animal Hospital for Pet Boarding in Ocala

At Magnolia Animal Hospital, we administer quality care to dogs and cats boarding at our site. We’ll give your pet the best possible treatment to ensure that he or she is comfortable and safe while you’re gone. To find out more about pet boarding in Ocala, contact us today to take a tour of our facility. Call us at 352-327-3663 to make an appointment.

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