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Pet Bathing and Grooming at Magnolia Animal Hospital

You might think that brushing your dog or cat is only good for making its fur coat smooth and shiny, but that's the least of the reasons why grooming is so important. At Magnolia Animal Hospital, we recommend that all of our furry patients come in on a regular basis for our grooming services. Sure, being groomed will make your pet feel fresh and lively but, more importantly, it will care for a wide variety of possible medical issues in one short visit.

pet bathing and grooming at magnolia animal hospital

Veterinarian in Ocala Talks About Grooming

Dr. Lee Kierstein, our veterinarian in Ocala, recommends that all of our patients come in for a thorough grooming every three months. It's important that you brush your pet's fur every day, for at least five or ten minutes, to care for the day-to-day problems of dirt and matted fur. Grooming appointments at our office, though, will take care of more serious health problems that can occur with your pet's fur and claws. Some of the more important reasons for bringing your pet into our office for grooming are:

  • Avoiding medical problems. Our staff will examine your pet from nose to tail during the grooming process. While we're looking at your dog's or cat's eyes, ears and teeth, we'll be in a position to notice any developing health problems. This allows us to begin treatments early, which is the best way to successfully care for any medical problems that develop.
  • Controlling shedding.  Brushing your dog or cat will cut down on the problem of fur in your home, as well as reducing the amount of fur that's shed in the first place. In addition, some breeds benefit from specialized grooming practices, such as removing the undercoat, which takes a professional to do well.
  • Dental health.  Every time you bring your pet into our office for grooming, we'll inspect its teeth, gums, and mouth. Poor oral health can develop into a wide variety of health problems, from toothaches to infections that affect the heart and other organs. When we keep an eye on your pet's oral health, we're watching out for the health of its whole body.

Have Grooming Questions for a Veterinarian in Ocala, FL?

Most new patient owners have questions about grooming before bringing their pet in to see us. They want to know about specialized baths, which we offer for de-skunking, fleas, and rashes. Many owners have questions about their dog scooting its butt along the floor. This is a sign that your dog may need anal gland expression, another grooming service we provide. Claws are another concern that most owners have, and we can provide clipping for dogs and soft claw covers for cats.

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All pets need to be groomed on a regular basis, and our caring team is ready to give your pet a shiny new look. Call Magnolia Animal Hospital at 352-327-3663 for an appointment today. We look forward to meeting with you!

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