Veterinary Services Offered in Ocala FL

At Magnolia Animal Hospital in Ocala we offer a range of services for dogs and cats in the community. Whether your pet is in need of veterinary care, pet boarding or expert grooming services, we can help.

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Vaccinations help protect pets from fatal illnesses and serious diseases. At Magnolia Animal Hospital, we offer core and non-core vaccines for pets.


Many pets will need surgery at some point or another in their lifetime. We offer surgical services for patients who need spay & neuter procedures. We also provide surgical services for pet patients suffering from diseases and injuries.


Pets need dentistry services to help them avoid periodontal disease, tooth loss and other problems. We recommend bringing your pet in to see the vet at least once annually for a dental examination and cleaning.

Diagnostics with Lab, Radiology and Ultrasound

When your pet is experiencing symptoms of illness and chronic conditions, we offer diagnostic services that include a full scale lab, radiology and ultrasound.

Therapeutic Laser Treatment

Therapeutic laser treatment is a non-invasive way to help your pet manage his or her pain. Our laser treatments involve no addictive medications and can help patients recover from injuries and recent surgical procedures.

Bathing & Grooming

Pet bathing and grooming is important for keeping your pet looking his or her best. Bathing and grooming services can also help your pet stay comfortable during times of hot weather, by keeping your pet's coat trim.

Pet Boarding

For our feline boarders, our three story cat condos have one cat per condo to ensure your cat's comfort. For our canine boarders, we offer three walks a day and have a fenced in yard where pets can play and burn off their energy. If your pet has a sensitive stomach, we provide a low residue diet. All cats and dogs are kept separate so our boarders can feel safe.


Microchipping can help reunite pets with their families in the event that a pet becomes lost. Our microchipping services are safe for pets and provide peace of mind to pet owners.

Routine & Day Time Emergency Care

Sometimes pets need help from an emergency vet. We help pets experiencing routine emergencies like injuries, ingestion of a toxic substance and other problems.

Heartworm, Flea & Tick Prevention

Our pet care services include heart worm, flea and tick prevention to protect your pet from common parasites and the diseases they carry.

Pet Foods & Supplies

We offer pet foods and supplies to make shopping for your pet easy and straightforward!

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian in Ocala FL

As your pet hospital in Ocala, we offer pet care services that span a range. From emergency vet to spay & neuter, boarding to grooming, we can help your pet stay healthy, safe and protected. We offer a special for first time patients, and a referral special as well. To make an appointment, contact us at 352-327-3663.

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