Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care From Magnolia Animal Hospital

Here at Magnolia Animal Hospital, we provide pet care services to ensure pets of all ages are in the best of care. This includes our senior pet community. For our senior pet services in Ocala, FL, we specialize in everything from preventative care to pet surgery. Learn more about what to expect when you choose our veterinary services for your pet.


Preventative Senior Pet Care

While our neuter and spaying services are for our youngest pets, we have several services for preventative care for senior pets. We recommend visiting our vet in Ocala to get an annual exam for your senior pet if they are not already a patient. As part of our annual exam, we also offer pet dentistry and teeth cleaning services. Maintain your senior pet’s oral health and dental care, and let us check for any signs and indicators of other underlying health problems.

Senior Pet Services

If your pet has health problems, such as arthritis or skin allergies, we are ready to start treatment asap. We also have a parasite and pest prevention that is specific to senior pets. If your aging pet is suffering from skin allergies, arthritis, or other age-related issues, we can provide you with nutritional counseling and advice. Let us help you find the right type of food or supplements for your pet to see improvements in their health and wellness.  

Benefits of Vets for Senior Pets

By having an established veterinarian for your senior pet, you are able to make sure you have help in case of late-onset health issues. At the later stage of life, pets have age-related conditions including hearing and vision loss, just like we do. Therefore, it is important to make sure you bring your aging pet into the vet as soon as possible to start treatment for any conditions they may have. We can provide them with a healthy outlook with the latest in medical services specific to pets at this age.

Contact Us for Senior Pet Care in Ocala

To get started with senior pet care in Ocala, FL at the Magnolia Animal Hospital, please give us a call. Our animal hospital and comprehensive veterinary clinic are ready to provide you with all of the resources you need for your aging pet. Whether you have one senior kitty or five aging doggies, we want to meet you all. We are welcoming new patients especially if you are new to the Ocala, FL area. Contact us at 352-327-3663 to schedule an appointment. We also have a referral program that lets you save money when you bring a friend to our vet.

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